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About Us

The Institute of Parliamentarism and Entrepreneurship is one of the leading non-state higher educational institutions, was founded in 1993.  The motto of the Institute is DOCEMUS VIVERE - we teach to live, the emblem is an elk – a symbol of wise power.

The institute aims at providing students with the best methods and the latest technologies of knowledge acquisition. The institute strains to co-ordinate the development of education, science and technologies in Belarus. It is not very large yet, but it is already known in the Republic for training highly-qualified specialists in different fields of our national economy.

The development of modern Belarusian society and the state cannot be imagined without competent political and legal support for the most important areas of their activities. To this end, the Institute trains specialists in political sciences with deep knowledge in the field of political, legal, humanities and socio-economic sciences, who are able to draw up methodological, organizational and legislative documents for the improvement of public administration, who are skilled in training and making organizational and managerial decisions in small and medium-sized businesses, which will always be in demand in the system of representative, executive and judicial bodies, as well as in other branches, organizations and institutions of different levels and forms of ownership.

The Institute trains specialists for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurship, which are the main driving force of the national economy, the determining factor of its stable and sustainable development. The creative manager-economist of small and medium-sized enterprises should have modern knowledge in the field of economics and management, sociology and law as the most important conditions for structural transformation of the national economic complex of the country. Without a knowledgeable, creative manager-economist, it is unthinkable to refocus the national economy on an innovative path of development.

Both leading directions of specialists training were reflected in the name of our Institute. In the context of the development of a practical component in the training of such specialists, the Institute actively cooperates with personnel contracting organizations, including the Minsk Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, the Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs, republican and local authorities and administrations, working bodies of political parties, movements and public organizations.