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Our Specialties

Stages of Education

The First Stage of Higher Education

Upon completion of the primary secondary education or special secondary education applicants are able to further their studies at the undergraduate level of institute studies. This level is called "The First stage of Higher Education".

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The Second Stage of Higher Education

After the successful graduation from the institute and receiving of the Diploma of Higher Education students can participate in one of the institute's Master Programs, which aim to form comprehensive knowledge and specific skills.

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More Facts

Process of Learning

The IPE operates a two terms system of education. The academic year is split into the autumn and spring terms each ending in examination session and vocation periods. Learning methods incorporate lectures, seminar discussions, tutorials, workshops, and independent work. The full attendance of classes is compulsory.


Curriculum includes theoretical and applied disciplines, periods practical work, independent study. Periods of practical work aim at teaching students to apply the acquired knowledge in the chosen profession.

System of Assessment

Academic success of students is assessed at the end of each term in the form of oral and \or written tests (students receive ‘pass’ \’fail’) and examinations (marks according to a 10-point grading scale).

Language of Education

Teaching is organized in the two official languages of the country – Belarusian and Russian.

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