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Records Management 1-26 02 04-01

Qualification: records manager

A records manager is a specialist who knows everything about documents and working with them. The main thing in his work is the drafting and processing of business papers. The records manager keeps their documents and registration, monitors the work of the reference and information service, monitors compliance with the procedure and condition of storage of any business papers depending on their level of importance.

The records management can realize itself in different industries: education, industry, audit companies. Career development depends largely on the duty station. In the ministries the records manager can apply for a position of the leading expert, consultant, head of department, the deputy manager of managing affairs. And in small companies, a records manager can become the second person after the head.

Graduates of the specialty "Records Management" are: managers or employees of the general division of the enterprise (office, service of the Department of Internal Affairs); DIS Service Reference Officers; Research staff of industry research institutes; Heads or employees of departmental archives of ministries, departments, firms.